How To Tell If You Are A

Mini Bottle Maniac


1. Do you know the location of every Liquor store within a 50 mile radius of your home?

2. Are you a member of more than 2 Mini Bottle Clubs? More than 3?

3. When watching a T.V. show or a Movie can you tell the liquor brand even though you can't read the label?

4. Can you name more than 4 brands of whiskey? More than 10?

5. When seeing a new bottle of Liquor at the store is your first thought "I hope they make this in a mini" ?

6. Do you have a better selection than your local liquor store?

7. Do you have (or do you dream of having) a "bottle room"?

8. Have you ever visited more than 3 liquor stores while on vacation? How about on a weekend get away?

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